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We’re here to listen and help you to choose savings options that give you the support you need and the retirement you deserve. Whether it’s getting better educated about our IRAs or helping to plan for your future goals, we never forget that your retirement is unique and so are the steps for getting there.


Our IRAs can be a great choice for your retirement savings goals. Choose a Traditional IRA for tax-deferred retirement savings. Or, go with a Roth IRA and withdraw your money tax-free. Your Traditional IRA earnings are tax-deferred, so you can feel confident that your money is growing each day in an FDIC and DIF insured product.


Traditional IRAs

The finer points:

  • Funds can be invested in a variety of savings vehicles, depending on your need
    • Fixed interest rates available for Retirement CDs
    • Flexibility with a Retirement Performance Money Market account
  • IRA balances count towards monthly fee waiver on our Performance and Performance Plus checking accounts1.

1Monthly fee waived if your combined checking, savings, money market, CD, IRA, or consumer loan balances are $10,000 or greater. 


Roth IRAs

The finer points:

  • Tax is paid at the time of contribution
  • Earnings accumulate tax-free and are not taxed when distributions are taken
  • Funds can be invested in a variety of ways, based on direction

Visit a branch or call 888.418.5626 to find the IRA that’s right for you.

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