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What is Touch IDĀ®?

Touch ID is another way for you to access your CSB mobile app by using built-in, fingerprint-sensor technology.

How do I set up Touch ID for my Cambridge Savings Bank Mobile Banking app?

If you have not used Touch ID before, upon logging in to our Mobile Banking application, you will receive a prompt that will ask you if you would like to start using it to log in.

Can I use Touch ID on my tablet?

Touch ID is not yet enabled for the Cambridge Savings Bank mobile application for tablets.

Can I still use my username and password?

Definitely! Please follow the below steps to turn off Touch ID and use your username and password:

  1. When signed into the app, select More
  2. Go into Settings
  3. Go to Apple Watch
  4. Under Touch ID, switch from On to Off 

Where does my fingerprint get stored?

Your fingerprint is only stored on your device. It is encrypted with a key that is specific to that device, and it will not leave that device.

Why did I receive an error when trying to use TouchID to log in?

This is because of a security enhancement to TouchID.

If you have added or removed a fingerprint from the device, the next time you login to the mobile banking app you will need to use your username and password then enable TouchID again. 

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